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Blouses without sleeves and shortened models, which can simply be ranked among the tops, have become very popular in the new season.


However, this is not the reason only for the summer season, but, most likely, the tendency to shorten and cut all clothes in the most unexpected places, because it is so tempting and stylish


A collar on a blouse is an element that predetermines an interesting solution, but it may not be. Same with sleeves, but if they are, then they can become the central element in the blouse.

Fashion blouses

Blouses with a cut-out “Angelica” are popular, after all the summer comes, and so it would be desirable to expose shoulders to the hot sun. However, in the new season, “Angelica” is combined with asymmetry, as a result of which the original models are produced on one shoulder or even with one sleeve, most often long and lush.

Transparency in the season of 2017 – one of the main trends, but because transparent blouses are no exception.






Wide sleeves display the outfits of various eras, especially draw attention to the sleeves with a reminder of the Art Nouveau style and cute, pretty sleeves-lanterns, the size of which can be adjusted in their own way.